How to delete all Tweets from Twitter

Today i am gonna Teach you How to Delete all Tweets from Twitter. Twitter is a  busy social network, daily there are people performing over 100 tweets a day, so the accumulated amount of tweets is really amazing. Twitter existed since 2006, and if your account is as old as Twitter, you have many comments on it. So many people look for ways to delete all tweets from twitter.If you want to delete all these tweets, there are no options to achieve this in version or web or the mobile. For that reason there are third-party applications. Hence, i recommend few great web applications to delete tweets from your Twitter Account.

Applications to Delete all Tweets

1. Delete All My Tweets

Delete All My Tweets is an  free web application with which we will be able to delete all tweets from Twitter  in a simple and fast way, without any complications.

How to delete all tweets from Twitter

How to Delete all tweets from Twitter

The procedure consists of three simple steps, the first thing to do is sign in with your Twitter account, then we have to confirm to remove our tweets and the tool shows us a report.

It mentions that  Delete All My Tweets  can delete only 1000 tweets, so if you have more than this amount, we will have to  repeat the process until you remove all the tweets from your account, a small disadvantage.

Link : Delete All My Tweets

2. Tweet Eraser

Tweet Eraser is a free service for deleting mass tweets from your Twitter account. The nice thing about this application is that you can filter the tweets before deleting. Once you authorize the application , you can search tweets based on filter and delete them. This is particularly useful if you have tweeted with hash tag.

How to Delete all Tweets - Tweet Eraser

Link : Tweet Eraser

3. TweetDelete

TweetDelete allows users to automatically delete the messages from Twitter to have more than a specified maximum age. TweetDelete is useful for people who want to reduce the amount of old data in your Twitter account. TweetDelete can only work within the last 3200 tweets in your account.

How to Delete All Tweets - TweetDelete

Link : TweetDelete

4. TwitWipe

It is a tool to wipe or delete all your tweets at once. Like other applications, you must sign in with your Twitter account and then delete all the tweets. This service has no restrictions on the number of tweets that can be removed.

How to Delete All Tweets - TwitWipe

How to delete all Tweets from Twitter

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Link : TwitWipe

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