How to Download Torrents on iPhone or iPad

Looking for a good application to download torrents on your iPhone ? Maybe it sounds good.

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The application of which you search for is very popular as a desktop application for Mac Computers for a long time, Transmission, through which you can quickly download files to your computer.

Download Torrents on iPhoneSince the fall of Megaupload, several services are already failing to offer direct downloads and those that do are also very limited. A solution left is to download torrent files and speaking of that topic I would like to recommend an application – iTransmission. I am gonna teach you How to download Torrent Files on your iPhone or any iDevice.

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iTransmission 2.0 is an iPhone application that allows you to download torrents from your device, so no matter where we are, you can download files without a problem. It offers the same clean interface for Desktop counterpart.

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  • To install iTransmission 2.0 on your iDevice, you need to jailbreak it. However,there are many programs that can do it.

Once installed, it adds an icon on the home screen of your iPhone and when you press it, it will immediately start downloading and uploading of applications through a list.
A button mode can be used to see the active downloads and paused downloads , and to activate them easily.

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How to Download Torrents on iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

  • To add a torrent file to download, simply click on the + button and add the url to download.

Download Torrents on iPhone

  • It automatically starts downloading the file.

How to Download Torrents on iPhone

Torrents on iPhone

  • As i said, you can pause or continue downloading quickly.

That’s all.

In these applications, something to consider is the type of connection you use, because with a 3G data plan you can load the rate limit in just one day. iTransmission thought about it for only Wi-Fi configuration and make sure that you do not use it with another connection.

It also has some other classic options in the program such as the configuration of the ports to download the files.

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As in the desktop application for Mac, You will all the information such as accounts with which you download the files, and other options once the download is complete.You will have options to delete the files and the data.

This is a good application to manage torrent files on a jailbroken iDevice. The same process goes on to download torrents on iPad as well.

I’m sure you’ll like it. If you know another applications to download Torrents on iPhone, leave us your feedback.

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You can find free iTransmission from the repository

You can find about the development of iTransmission here : Code.Google

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