How to measure the Success of your Blog

The indicator of a Corporate blog is not just traffic. Traffic only reflects that there is movement on your blog, which is not equal to activity. This only means that SEO is working. As I mentioned earlier, SEO is not the solution to your problems.You have to choose the indicators that reflect both the activity and the attention of visitors to your blog. Now how to measure the success of your Blog ?

Measure Success of your Blog

Comments / Views : Shows that you are capable of provoking a reaction from the reader.The reaction may be negative but I honestly prefer it because it gives you the ability to communicate when you criticize.

Clicks / Subscribe : The indicator only limit on the number of subscribers, it shows you got signed because many RSS buttons has a striking design. It brings the people who are interested in your blog and its make clicks. A good relationship demonstrates your ability to turn your visitors into your subscribers.

Page Views / User : A blog usually having an average of 2 page views per user means usually well. If you have a blog, you usually get at least a ratio of 2. Apart from the quality of your content, the key is to improve the usability.

Trackbacks :  Trackbacks demonstrate direct links you have received on an entry of a blog. Again, this shows if you are able to generate attention in the blogosphere and if you are perceived as someone important. At first it is difficult to get many links (= trackbacks) because few people visits your blog.

The criteria is valid both for a personal blog as well as a corporate blog . What more criteria is used to measure the success of a blog? If you have any more ideas, pls comment and let us know!


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