How to Stop Spam on Facebook

None of us like spam over the internet, right? But still we face them in our daily internet usage. These days most of our time is spent on Facebook and spammers are taking advantage of it by creating lots of spam on Facebook.

Now the main question comes in our mind is that how to stop spam on Facebook? As Facebook has got lots of our personal information so it needs to be protected by spam.

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How to Stop Spam on Facebook

I tried lots of best possible ways of preventing my Facebook from spam and including all of them here in this tutorial on how to stop spam on Facebook so that you guys can also keep your Facebook profile secured.

Facebook Apps Spam

Apps are there on Facebook as well but majority of them are not worth and they annoy Facebook users.

In starting days of using Facebook, I tried out lots of Facebook apps and very soon my profile was loaded with spam by those apps.

Facebook Apps Spam

That time I didn’t knew about negative aspects of using these apps but very soon I came to know when one of my friend’s profile was hacked.

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When we use any app on Facebook then it asks permissions from us. Majority of us don’t even read those permissions and grant access to that app. This is where we lose control.

Now that app can use our Facebook profile and post stuff on our behalf. Most of the apps were found posting spams.

Now in order to keep your profile safe, don’t use apps on Facebook. There is no such important need of using them. But still if you want to use any app then remove that app from your profile after trying that.

How to Remove Used Apps from Facebook

  1. Login to your Facebook profile and at the bottom you’ll find bookmark to App center, click that.
  2. Click on “Your Apps” option at the bottom in left hand side option menu.
  3. Click on Remove option on any particular app which you wish to remove.

Remove Used Apps from Facebook

Recommendation – don’t use any new app just to test that if you really want to keep your Facebook profile secured and spam free. Always use reputed apps only, you can check for the reputation by reading reviews and ratings in the App Center.

Top Facebook Apps which were found spamming were Change Your Facebook Color, Who Saw Your Profile, etc. You can check the list of apps that were found spamming that was post on Digital Trends.

Tag Moderation

Lots of pages were found doing spamming on Facebook by posting images and then tagging other people in order to increase the reach of those pictures.

If you don’t want to allow such pages to tag you in any picture then follow these steps,

  1. Go to Privacy Settings.
  2. Choose “Timeline and Tagging” option from left hand side menu.
  3. Now go through the settings available there and change them accordingly.

Make sure you stop allowing other people to tag you to photos so that you’re free of spamming activities.

Spammy Links

It happens many times that we find links in comments on many pages. Those links are related to some spams most of the time.

So never click on any link you found in comments anywhere (at least on pages).

Such comments will look very attractive and will ask you to click link. Once you click then that spam will be activated.

Other Recommendations

  1. Stop Spam on FacebookNever share your password to anyone (even to your friends).
  2. Always keep password combination with some numbers, alphabets and special characters i.e. strong combination.
  3. Activate mobile phone notification so that every time you or someone else login into your account, you get notification on your mobile phone.
  4. Don’t login with your Facebook profile on websites not looking genuine and professional.

You can check other tips and tricks published under Facebook category on Techlato to stay updated with all latest stuff going on for Facebook.

If you really like the tips here then do share it with your friends so that they can also stop spam on Facebook and are safe from all kind of Facebook spam.

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