Leaks of the Galaxy S IV Confirmed

All geeks are very attentive to the next major release by the South Korean company Samsung , its next flagship in the world of mobile telephony promises from its first day on the market to be a tough opponent for the range high of smartphones in the world. The Galaxy S IV leaks do not stop at just days after its official announcement, and this time some from screenshots we confirm a feature that it becomes more attractive, but also has its disadvantages.

Galaxy S IV Confirmed

Leaks of the Galaxy S IV Confirmed

For weeks we have been getting to know different filtrations of Galaxy S IV, of which we can be certain that a great deal are false . But as we approach the next event scheduled for March 14 , the day that Samsung will present the successor of the Galaxy S III, leaks become more constant and even come up with evidence.

The images that we see here are screenshots from the recognized web filter SamMobile where you can clearly see the mention of two new functions that have pointers terminals Samsung: Scroll Eye and Eye Pause .

Galaxy S IV Leaks

About Eye Scroll is understood to be the aforementioned feature that would control the mobile with the eyes , or at least some of its functions. Just imagine we be viewing a site or document and that, only looking down, the phone then scroll or move the page or document to the next part, as indicated by our eyes.

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For Eye Pause is very interesting, as it serves to pause video playback when picking this view, fully automatically.

The strange thing is that since SamMobile ensure that these catches were made ​​on a Galaxy S III , running Android version 4.2.1. Which means that in addition to being incorporated into the Galaxy S IV , we would also get to S III in a software update.

These new features give the Galaxy S on top model more attractive addition to having a top-end hardware and other impressive technical features. What would endow of unique features , something that certainly attract enough audiences. However, I can not stop thinking about the incredible expense of battery would this continued use of the front camera of the phone to perform these functions. In a few days we will try to clarify these doubts.

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