Microsoft Office for Linux could launch in 2014

Microsoft has taken several steps to universalize its office suite, Office , in recent months. One was the synchronization between devices, thanks to the cloud, which could help  a version of Microsoft Office for Linux , which could happen next year .
Microsoft Office for Linux could launch in 2014

MS Office for Linux could Launch in 2014

Nothing is confirmed yet and, in fact, the synchronization option for now is only available for users of Windows Phone, but the company now develops apps for iOS and Android . And Google’s operating system is based on Linux.

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To this we must add the information leaked by a Microsoft source Michael Larabel of Phoronix. According to this source (probably a developer of Microsoft’s open source), the company is considering significantly the option to launch Office for Linux in 2014. The reason for this sudden interest in the platform would have shown that “ commercial viability ”, to which is added the advantage to be working on a version of the suite for Android.

Obviously, this does not imply that all the work would already be done, but at least it would reduce the cost that would meet the arrival of Office for Linux. And in any case, would be a good sign that Microsoft at least raised the possibility of expanding its borders, since till date,it has not released any software on Linux . Skype is only available on this platform, but in this case it’s a firm that was acquired by the company when it was already present in Linux.

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Of course, the move would make sense from a business perspective , as there are many alternatives to a possible Office for Linux, like OpenOffice or LibreOffice , which are not subject to the restrictions of Microsoft and also are free .

In this sense, it can be an advantage, the new model paid subscription (100$ per year if purchased the suite with a new computer) and the option to install Office on up to five devices . Since it is an option that is platform independent (ie, could be installed on a Windows, another Linux, an iPad and an Android phone, for example), would provide added value . The question is whether this would be enough to convince users.

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