The Most Advanced Mobile Spy in the World-StealthGenie

These days mobile spy apps are trending a lot, they are a great solution for monitoring employees and for children as well. Although there are a number of workplace monitoring solutions, this is one that is easily integrated and does not require any additional investment such as cameras/listening devices, etc.  The smartphone itself is used and all you need is a mobile spy app. However, the app that you use matters a lot since you will be entirely dependent on the app you stick to. Thus, the app should be chosen keeping in mind how you intend to use it and whether or not it fits in with the way you want to use it.


Made Keeping Employees in Mind

StealthGenie Mobile Spy on the other hand is a spy app that is designed specifically for use at the workplace and for monitoring a number of devices. It has some pretty advanced capabilities that make it possible to keep an eye on your employees without having to employ a person for the job; you can say StealthGenie work is capable of working on its own.

Works for Children as well

It can even be used by parents since it makes sure it covers installed Apps as well. This enables parents to better monitor the activities of their children.

Various Functionalities

Coming over to discussing functionality, StealthGenie has the basic features that are found in most spy apps and then it has a lot more to offer as well. You get the usual monitoring features such as SMS logs, Call logs, Contacts, Location Tracking, Photos, Videos, Browsing History, Bookmarks, and Calendar Activities.

However, SG goes deeper in the device by giving you access to all email accounts including the Gmail app and it gives the ability to view WhatsApp conversations as well. This comes in handy since WhatsApp has become the primary messaging service for all smartphone users. Moreover it even lets you take a look at the apps that have been installed on the device. This can be useful for parents wishing to see if their kids have downloaded any apps that might be inappropriate for them.

Let SG Do the Monitoring

Coming over to the actual monitoring experience, SG provides a very hassle free experience since you can list down certain keywords and you will be alerted if those keywords are used. This makes going through all the uploaded data redundant and you can simply step in when SG tell you to. A smart way to keep people monitored while maintaining a level of privacy, you can purchase this mobile spy for Androids, BlackBerrys, or iPhones starting at only $8 a month!

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