NVIDIA Tegra 4, quad core and 72-core graphics

NVIDIA has been among the first to be released in this CES 2013 , and has done so in style. Coupled with the interesting Shield Project the company has also launched its new dark beast, the NVIDIA Tegra 4 , successor to the Tegra 3 and it comes in the form of quad core ARM Cortex A15 and 72 accompanied by graphics processing CUDA cores over the inclusion of LTE , optionally, yes.

NVidia Tegra 4

NVIDIA Tegra 4, quad core and 72-core graphics

Joining those four cores and as we found in the previous verison, the NVIDIA Tegra 4 uses an extra core, 4 +1 combination efficiency saving and consumption, leaving the extra core only when clearly needed.Obviously, this technology has been enhanced to improve it, perfect it and add it to the new HDR mode that can run on both photos and live video.

As for video, the NVIDIA Tegra 4 also run 4k resolutions smoothly. The differences from the previous generation are the web browsing is faster by 2.6 times, six times more graphics power and above all an amazing 45% less battery consumption, which translates to 14 hours of HD video playback.

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