Best On Page SEO Tips in 2013

To give boost to your blog’s traffic you need to optimize the content of each and every post or article. You must have published lots of quality articles but still not getting good traffic. This is where you are lacking good knowledge of On Page SEO tips.

After the Google Panda and Penguin updates, getting traffic to a blog mostly depends on the quality of content you publish but still On page optimization has its value.

You need to have a proper structure of the content in order to receive maximum traffic on your each article or post.

Definition of On Page SEO

All the techniques you apply to the content of your blog in order to rank better in search engines and get maximum traffic comes under the On page SEO heading.

On Page SEO Tips

It may sound crazy to you but I must tell you that On Page SEO still works and it has the maximum effect on the SEO of your blog or website as Off Page SEO (Link Building) is almost dead these days.

On Page SEO Tips

Let me take you directly on to the On Page SEO tips. I’ve included all the valid tips here and written them with lots of care so that you can understand these tips quickly.

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#1 URL

You may also call it Permalink. Till now you must have used the title of your post in the URL but its wrong these days. The URL should have maximum 4-6 words and that should be very specific to the title.

This one is wrong practice.

This one is RIGHT practice

So I think now it is clear how you need to optimize the URL of your content.

Now if you want to optimize all your previously published articles then you can apply 301 redirects so that users land on new URL from the previous ones but don’t change them as you will lose all your link juice and traffic.

#2 Content Format

Let me ask you one question. You like reading short and simple essays or the long ones?

I think you got the point which I want you to take care of. I know you need to write good number of words (most probably 500 words) but this is not the way of writing for readers.

Content Format

Your main target is to help readers of your blog and you can do that only by writing short and simple articles. Try to write good quality articles and off course the unique.

But make sure you write at least 300 words in your article. Try to make content look good. You can use good pictures as well which will definitely attract readers.

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Pictures are worth of thousand words so try to use relevant and good looking pictures.

#3 Internal Linking

When I started using internet then I use to read articles on Wikipedia. I use to find lots of links in each article there which lead to different related stories. This was perfect, right?

So why don’t you following it on your blog? Won’t it help your readers?

I think it will help your readers and also increase the page views of your blog.

So from now onwards start putting links to other related articles published on your blog.

If you find some really good article on the internet written by some other blogger then there is no harm in linking to that. This is called external linking and you must do it if it is really needed so that users get complete answer to his/her query.

#4 Keyword Density

This is very vital these days as Google is taking strict actions on bloggers who write only to include keywords in the articles.

I’ll recommend you to always write articles in free flow that is without thinking about keywords. As a SEO expert, I know the importance of keywords so I first write articles without worrying about keywords and then add few keywords in the articles.

SEO Tips in 2013

It will be best if you keep the keyword density less than 2% but also keep it at least 1%.

So, my advice is first write content and then add keyword 2-3 times in the article at relevant places so that content should not look like keyword farm.

#5 Headings and Sub Headings

Let me tell you in short and simple,

Use keyword one time in either H2 or H3 tag.

Use H2, H3, H4 tags in content so that users find easy to navigate through different sections of your article via these sub headings.

#6 Pictures and Videos

I already concluded that you must use pictures in your articles. Now I’m recommending you to use videos as well. If you find some video over the YouTube that is providing answer to a particular query of user/reader then do embed that video.

Pictures and Videos

It will be great if you create a simple tutorial video for users and include that within the article.

Also don’t forget to optimize pictures by adding proper Title and Alt texts.

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I’ve included all possible tips that come under the “On Page SEO Tips” heading. Also make sure pages of your blog loads up faster. I hope you found everything simple and useful. I’ll conclude with one more statement that you must create content for users not for robots or search engines.

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