How to Recover Deleted Files from PC

Are you in search of a Free Software to Recover Deleted Files or Know How to Recover Deleted Files ? You are at the right place, here I present 10 Free Programs thats helps you in Recovering your Deleted Files.

Recover Deleted Files

Top 10 Free Softwares to Recover Deleted Files

We must have deleted a file accidentally at least once, whether deleted files from a card of your digital camera photos, a flash drive data deleted accidentally, even lost important files from a USB memory card, at that moment we wonder, How do I Recover Deleted Files ?

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You should know that to delete a file it really does is ” mark it as reusable space ‘, so it is relatively easy retrieval ( provided that is not rewritten above ). In this article I made a selection of 10 totally free software to Recover Deleted Information from our records or memories.

Important things to consider:

  • Remember to Run as Administrator applications!
  • Whenever possible, install or run the program on a drive other than the drive where the files were deleted.
  • Move the recovered files. Save them on a different drive.

Top 10 Free Software to Recover Deleted Files

1. Recuva

The guys at Piriform have done a wonderful program to recover deleted files called Recuva. The program allows a quick or deep, both hard disks like iPod, accidentally deleted emails in applications such as Outlook or Thunderbird, damaged or formatted disks, etc.,

It also has a Portable Version, we recommend running from a different disk to be recovered, to avoid overwriting data.

Download | Recuva

Download |  Portable Recuva

2. TestDisk and PhotoRec

If you are looking for a complete and most advanced application available to you TestDisk & PhotoRec, a license pack GPL that lets you dip into the discs to watch all kinds of information and recover or repair partitions, rebuild starts, backing security, and even retrieve files from FAT, NTFS or even EXT2/EXT3.

It is available for DOS, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, SunOS and Mac This application has no graphical interface , but it works through a command line interface, so it is recommended to have advanced knowledge.

Download | TestDisk & PhotoRec

3. Pandora Recovery

Pandora is an excellent data recovery software that can recover deleted files from FAT, NTFS and NTFS / EFS. It’s simple to use and has a very accessible interface.

Download | Pandora Recovery

4. MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Free Edition that can recover deleted files, damaged partitions, partitions with data loss or USB digital camera, auxiliary memories, pen drives or optical media ( CD or DVD ).

Download | MiniTool Power Data Recovery

5. Undelete 360

Freeware application to recover files, available as portable and installable. The interface to the new style reminiscent of Microsoft applications and has various types of search filter.

Download | Undelete 360

6. Avira Unerase

The famous company of excellent antivirus Avira, has this small utility that does not reach half a megabyte and to retrieve files from FAT and NTFS partitions.

Download | Avira Unerase

7. SoftPerfect File Recovery

Retrieves, very simple, deleted data from hard drives, USB, Compact Flash or SD cards, etc., Supports FAT and NTFS partitions with compression and encryption. No installation needed.

Download | File Recovery

8. Undelete Plus

Recover deleted information Undelete Plus. The program also has a version for Mac users.

 Download | Undelete Plus

9. Restoration

Ultralight application to recover files quickly and easily, without further complications. You only need to set the drive where you want to search. It also allows you to filter by the name you are looking for.

Download | Restoration

10. Free File Recovery

Utility that allows you to recover files from disks or USB sticks. You can run from a USB drive and supports FAT, NTFS and EFS encryption.

Download | Free File Recovery

So I recommended the Top 10 Free Softwares to Recover Deleted Files. If you know any other Software for recovering deleted files, pls suggest them through Comments.

How to Sync Outlook with Android

Sync Outlook with AndroidWant to know How to Sync Outlook with Android ? You are at the right place, I am gonna explain How to Sync Microsoft Outlook with Android in the best way possible. One of the main problems most Android users request is that it can synchronize with OutlookWhy the little green android is so reluctant to synchronize with Outlook? Since then, we will not find out today, but what we will do is offer solutions. 

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How to Sync Outlook with Android

How to Sync Outlook with Android

Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used task manager in companies, Andoid is the most used operating system in smartphonesYou would think that there is an easy way to sync Outlook tasks with a task manager on Android, but in reality it is not so easy.

Do you use Microsoft Exchange?

Before talking about the timing, you have to know where your Outlook tasks. There are organizations that work with Microsoft Exchange ServerThis server is a solution to centralize data such as email, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes to a server and be able to Sync Outlook with Android. In this case you can use a task manager in Andoid that communicates directly with Exchange.

If you do not work with Exchange Server, Outlook stores data in a local file on your computer. In this case, you’ll need two applications: in addition to task manager on the phone have to install an application on your computer to sync Outlook data to a server in the cloud.

As most Outlook users are not connected to an Exchange server, first I propose two solutions that do not require Exchange, followed by my recommendation for Exchange users and finally a list of alternative options.

1. gSyncit

My favorite solution is gSyncit, Swiss Army Knife synchronization. The $19.95 application is able to pass data from your calendar, contacts, tasks and notes in Outlook with Google servers. Then, in order to access your tasks from your Android device, you can use an application like Astrid To-Do .

Finally, although not related to the topic of this article, you can sync Outlook notes with EvernoteSimplenote or Dropbox.


If you want a free solution, you can take a look at GOATS ( Gassumo Outlook Android Tasks Synchronizer). This solution consists of two applications: an application to sync Outlook with the cloud and the other to access this data from Android.

3. TouchDown

There are various applications to connect to an Exchange server from an Android, but TouchDown is what convinced me. For only $19.95 you get access to email, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes.

Other Solutions to Sync Outlook with Android

There are many other Possibilites other than mentioned above to Sync Outlook with Android

  • Moxier Mail : Another Android client for Exchange. Price: $14.99
  • CompanionLink for Outlook synchronizes the contacts, tasks and calendar with DejaOffice or Google Tasks. Price: $49.95
  • RoadSync : a client for Exchange. Price: $9.99
  • Symtasks : a task manager for Android that comes with a complement to install on the PC. Price: $7.99
  • VCOrganizer : also consists of two applications (PC + Android). Price: From $8.50

What method did you use to Sync Outlook with Android? Explain in comments.

Best Windows Explorer Alternatives [Top 10]

Windows Explorer AlternativesBest Windows Explorer Alternatives : If you are someone who used much the Windows Explorer ( the file manager that Microsoft brings by default, not to be confused with Internet Explorer ) to your normal duties, be aware that there are many alternatives designed to increase your productivity and be much faster to perform certain repetitive tasks. So here i present few Best Altertives to Windows Explorer.

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The Windows Explorer is usually more than enough for most users, however, it lacks certain features such as the use of tabs ( like in browsers ) or accessibility greater for tasks with fewer clicks. Let’s take a very brief overview of the main features in more than 10 Best Windows Explorer Alternatives.

Best Windows Explorer Alternatives

Top 10 Best Windows Explorer Alternatives

1. Cubic Explorer

An interesting one among the windows explorer alternatives is Cubic Explorer, that it supports tabs, multimedia file viewer and editor integrated text files, filters to exclude or include certain files in the list and personalization of all kinds. It is fairly intuitive and well organized.

It is open source and there is a version portable for use directly ( from a USB device, for example ) without installing.

Download | Cubic Explorer

Download | Cubic Explorer Portable

2. Explorer ++

If you are very accustomed to Windows Explorer and what you’re looking for something very similar, but with added functionality, you can try Explorer++. This is a best alternative to windows explorer which respects the philosophy Microsoft Explorer, providing interesting new features : use of tabs, filters, direct access to a terminal for administrators, etc.,

Download | Explorer++

3. Ext2explore

It’s pretty widely believed that since Windows can not access disk systems ext2 , ext3 or ext4 , typical of Linux, however this is not entirely correct.

It is true that Windows does not offer support for these file systems, but it is possible to access the data on these discs if you use a browser such as Ext2explore.

Download | Ext2explore

4. FAR Manager

If you are a nostalgic of the old days or just you preferred the classic format of the shells of MSDOS , will be delighted with Far Manager. This is a browser for current Windows versions, but use the characteristic retro text interface MSDOS, with current common user needs.

Filter files with wildcard, FTP access, file editing classical style or color scheme customization are some of its many options.

Download | Far Manager

5. Immersive Explorer

On the other hand, if you are someone who has been enthralled with the new Windows 8 interface minimalist, your perfect choice is Immersive Explorer, a manager who uses the new Microsoft interface.

This is a file browser for users familiar with systems like Windows Phone or require a less traditional interface on your desktop. It is available in Spanish. Not recommended for haters of Windows 8.

Download | Immersive Explorer

6. FileMind

Filemind ( still in beta ) is a very interesting file explorer who cares much the visual aspect, trying to make it as pleasant as possible with a very showy.

It is very simple and straightforward, but may be of interest for users who only want to develop basic tasks and a simple, nice and cozy.

Download | FileMind

7. Just Manager

This is one among other Windows Explorer Altenatives and is a very traditional file browsers is Just Manager, simple and with several integrated tools to make it easier to use.

Download | JustManager

8. Commander

Commander is ideal for users who want a file browser with a very compact and traditional. Still, do not be fooled by its appearance. Integra supports archives like RAR or ZIP, hex editor, comparator folders, etc..

It supports both older versions of the operating system ( Windows 98 ) and with current versions ( Windows 8 ).

Download | Commander

9. Total Commander

Although it is not a free software, I’ve listed because of their relevance in this type of program. Total Commander has always been a reference application ( formerly called Windows Commander ), and includes support with Linux partitions ( ext2, ext3 or reiser ) and advanced tools to rename files in bulk.

Download | Total Commander

10. Better Explorer

If you like the Ribbon GUI ( known to be used in Office Products ) probably find interesting Better Explorer. Personally, I just get used to using any application with this interface, however, is said to be specially designed to improve usability.

Download | Better Explorer

I have listed some of the Best Windows Explorer Alternatives though there are many others. If you find any other Alternative to Windows Explorer, Pls suggest through Comments.

ASUS introduces a new range of tablets at Computex 2013

The most important technology fairs each year worldwide, the Computex 2013 from the city of Taipei is going on. In this event, a lot of Asian manufacturers have unveiled some new products from its catalog of mobile devices (and PCs too). As well as the new Galaxy Tab from Samsung, we find the new tablets from ASUS, a new range that complements the catalog of the brand more interesting devices and, above all, versatile.

ASUS FonePad Note

ASUS FonePad Note

A tablet? A smartphone? It really is not clear how we could classify this new hybrid ASUS have today presented. According to the Asian company, is more a tablet than a mobile phone, whose main objective would compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note range and offering a terminal quite portable (compared with other tablets) and the best image quality and specifications for a great user experience.

Its technical features we find:

  • 6-inch display with HD resolution (1920x108o pixels).
  • Processor Intel Atom Z2560 dual-core 1.6 GHz
  • 2GB RAM.
  • 1.2 MP front camera.
  • 8 MP rear camera.
  • Connectivity 3G (HSPA).
  • It has a stylus for special functions.

Version will come with Android 4.2 but for the moment it is not known when, or what will be its price.



Being born with a name more complicated than you want to show off their full HD display, the new 10-inch Pad MeMO has some very attractive features starting of course with spectacular sharpness panel, and the potential it holds inside thanks to a Intel CPU.

Its features are:

  • 10.1 inch display with full HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels).
  • Processor Intel CoverTrail + Z2560 model with dual core 1.6 GHz frequency
  • 2GB RAM.
  • Storage capacity of 16 and 32 GB.
  • Chambers of 1.2 and 5 MP front and rear respectively.
  • Battery that promises up to 10 hours of continuous use.
  • OS Android 4.2 .

Although no official confirmation, it is expected that the price of this device will stand at about $ 300.



The new challenge of the Asian manufacturer of low cost tablets is very attractive for those seeking an affordable, but with enough features for everyday use and causal. It is a kind of Nexus 7 improved, and still cheaper than the Google tablet.

With a 7-inch (1280x800px), weighing just 302 grams and an ARM Cortex A7 that promises good performance and low power consumption (in company with 1 GB of RAM) as well as front and rear cameras and 1.2 MP 5 MP respectively, this device stands at only $ 129 for the 8GB model and $ 149 for the 16GB model storage in four colors, so that no doubt could have a considerable impact on the market.

It is very strange that ASUS bet entirely by Intel processors instead of the NVIDIA that until a generation ago, always gave life to their new tablets. This is also shown in the new Transformer Book Trio, with two Intel that let you run both Windows 8 and Android , so it is a very curious bet but really attractive, which allow the user many possible uses.

Asus announced Transformer Book Trio

Asus has presented at Computex the latest member of the Transformer, the Transformer Book Trio, a netbook convertible with the ability to be used as a tablet, laptop and desktop , in addition to two of the most popular operating systems, Windows 8 and Android 4, “Jelly Bean”.

Asus announced Transformer Book Trio

Asus announced Transformer Book Trio

The convertible netbook claims to be the All-in-One definitive. It counts with two simultaneous hardware configurations, which will alternate depending on the use we are doing at the time of the Transformer Book Trio. For one, it has a powerful processor i7 4500U fourth-generation Windows and Intel Atom Z2580 for when making use of Android. In the Storage section, will be 1TB with traditional magnetic hard disk and also will have a 64 GB flash memory. As in the previous case, will have a capacity or the other depending on the operating system are using. No data have shown that be pre-installed RAM, or whether it will be possible to extend it.

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This difference is that the Atom processor and flash memory are housed behind the screen of the netbook convertible while the i7 and the HDD are on the keyboard dock. When you split up the two pieces, we will use the screen as a tablet with Android. In contrast, if the screen is connected to the dock be possible to also start Windows.

Besides being able to be used as a tablet and portable, the Transformer Book Trio will offer users the ability to connect to a screen through its keyboard dock, so that can be used as a desktop computer .These three options provide the opportunity to have a total experience with one device, which given its versatility can be used in all situations.

Asus has not revealed the release date or the price of the convertible netbook, but considering two configurations riding full and independent hardware can deduce that there is at all a low cost product.