Samsung Smart Watch is already Developing

Lately we have heard many times that Apple is preparing its own smart watch. In fact, there is evidence indicating that magnitude would have around 100 people working on the project and that the device would be released later this year. Also, today we also know that Samsung is developing Samsung Smart Watch.

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Samsung Smart Watch

Samsung Smart Watch

The smart watch market is still starting. Although there are good alternatives such as Pebble , still there are no leads because of lack of options. Now, it seems that Samsung, like Apple, has glimpsed a small niche and decided to launch a full, as confirmed by the executive Lee Young Hee.

During the interview, he said that Samsung has been working from long time on the Samsung Smart Watch.  He Also reported that they are preparing several products for the future and that the Smart Clock is definitely one of them.

Nevertheless, there are still many unknown data. We do not know when it will be released, or even how much it costs to incorporate features. However, he made ​​it clear that it is very important to be first to market it.

It is undeniable that the first out, if we can play your cards right, you have a much better chance on the rest. However, I hope not to rush and throw it early without the finishing touches. The final product quality is essential.

Gradually, the mobile phone sector becomes saturated and companies seeking new opportunities to continue to sell products that do not seem useful at first but then gradually becoming indispensable go.

In short, it is impossible to speak of Samsung Smart Watch without mentioning Apple. This is pure competition. Who will win? So far, Samsung competing fairly in prices because the same brand provides screens and chips. However, watching the price of Galaxy S 4, I do not see so clear that the final price is a differentiator.

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