Seven Ultimate PCs for Windows 8

The all in one computers have evolved in recent years not  to disappear. The main idea is the mobility and capabilities of laptops are not removed from the midst. Which is why they now have the  improved design and size to move them from one room to another is not a problem.

In recent years they have been incorporated into its touch screen technology . That revolution reaches maturity with the release of Windows 8. The main brands and their models are ready compact with the new Microsoft.

Ultimate PCs for Windows 8

Overall, There are  seven computers all in one touchscreen that remains the great Windows 8.

1.Sony Vaio Tap 20

Sony Vaio Tap 20

Sony has tried in recent years to offer different desktop models. The Sony Vaio Tap 20 is the perfect example and its form factor is the more surprising.


The Vaio Tap 20 is an all in one computer but mosted wanted for its  portability, its almost like a tablet desktop and it weighs of 5 Kg

Its screen is 20 inches with a resolution of 1600 × 900 pixels, can be folded almost entirely takes battery that lasts about two hours and inside we find the usual: lots of customization, the Core i7 and drives SSD from options . Its price is $ 879 for the basic version.


2.Dell XPS One 27

Dell XPS One 27

Dell also wants to be important with Windows 8 and would not leave without computers all in one specific to Microsoft. Your bet is the most comprehensive Dell XPS One 27 , all in one huge screen resolution 2560 × 1440 pixels and Type Touch .
The interior is also very configurable, processor, hard drive (possible SSD ) and RAM . It comes with Blu-Ray and is now on sale from 1,700 euros .


3.ASUS ET2300


Another all-in-one that focuses on the flexibility of the screen gows to the ASUS ET2300 . It has 23-inch, 1080p resolution, good panel IPS and well connected with 4 ports USB 3.0, 2 and WiDi Thunderbolt also input HDMI which enables to use that screen as an external monitor.
The sound has also been especially careful, comes with optical drive and internal options quite configurable. Its price has not been announced yet.


4.Acer 5600U

Acer 5600U

With the screen of 23 inch FullHD is tactile, and even allows rest, does not reach the horizontality of other solutions. Here you can  bet on a classic design with glass as the protagonist. The base configuration is with Intel Core i5 3110M, 8GB of RAM and 1TB hard drive price starts @ 1,000 euros .


5.HP Envy 20 and Envy 23 TouchSmart

HP Envy 20 and Envy 23 TouchSmart

Although HP Spectre One is  the most attractive model in one of HP for Windows 8, we have opted for the Envy 20 and 23 Touchsmart by the grace of its screen, which is touch.
Both models offer same resolution with multitouch panel in 1080 and their diagonals, with the latest Intel processors, up to 8GB of RAM , hard disk and classic combination with SSD , and Beats Audio sound. They are available from $ 800.

6.Lenovo IdeaCentre A520

Lenovo IdeaCentre A520

Lenovo brand PCs market leader, is also betting on Windows 8 and has run for the year with its desktop Lenovo IdeaCentre A520 , a slim model with 8 mm thickness, 23-inch screen with 1080p resolution and ten-point multitouch .
This desktop screen also tends to rest on the table if necessary, it has a port-level input and output features HDMI ports, USB 3.0 and next-generation processors. As a top model can include Blu-Ray and Nvidia Geforce 615. Its starting price is from $ 1,000.

and the Last but never the Least

7.Samsung AIO PC Series 7

Samsung AIO PC Series 7

Samsung AIO PC Series 7 is available with two screen sizes: 23.6 and 27 inches .
The small features 1080p resolution for 2560 × 1440 pixels of the cast, with 300 nits brightness and 10-point touch technology.

The extra point in one of these Samsung is the technology that can recognize gestures (as on TVs) to control some functions of Windows 8. Currently the Pricing not available

Final Conclusion : A New Era of PC’s has begun with the curtain riser of windows 8, We now see the technology taking wings of applications and innovating a better computing ever.


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