Share your Screen from Chrome with Chrome Remote Desktop

Browsers have evolved to the point that today replaced with pride and efficiency applications prior understood as eternal. Now innovation on them is such that you can even Share your Screen from Chrome .

Thanks to the extension Chrome Remote Desktop , you can now remotely control another computer and look at a user’s desktop from your browser, without installing any external program.

Share your Screen from Chrome

Chrome Remote Desktop

Share your Screen from Chrome with Chrome Remote Desktop

Hard not to wonder if there is a review of the features that browsers have been known to accumulate in a few years, it’s hard to believe that from those platforms from which hardly could visit websites with some complexity lively today can run games and applications not long ago had to settle heavily in our systems. Browsers like Firefox and  Chrome have taken the lead in terms of technical applications, and especially the last we saw some special abilities. Now the novelty is a  Chrome extension that allows to remotely control other computers from the browser and desktop sharing.

The method used by this extension called Chrome Remote Desktop is to be a link between two computers, using as your browser and without asking more than the introduction of an activation code to connect the two computers. Chrome Remote Desktop  displays the desktop of the computer to which you are taking control (which generates the code) and he can move the cursor and use the system as if you were in front of front.The code of 8 digits, you have to give it to the person or the computer you want to share your desktop, and this must also have installed the extension, and then give way to introduce it to your system.

Chrome Remote Desktop is currently in a state of beta invitation to feedback, so you can send your comments to the folks at Google to optimize aspects you find immature, as corresponding to the fluidity of the remote control, which to my taste left a slightly bitter after taste. Furthermore, the application itself is one of the largest you can install on your browser as weighing about 17MB, can generate some slowdowns in your Chrome if you have little RAM. For now it will take the news of its development, this innovation officer for Google to control computers from Chrome has a great future ahead of updates Chrome OS .

Chrome Remote Desktop is a Chrome extension , so it can be used both in Chrome OS, such as Linux , Windows and Mac OS seamlessly between different systems. So you can control your Linux netbook from the Mac OS on your desktop. Tempting Right ?

Source : GoogleSystem

Download : Chrome Remote Desktop

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