How to Sync Outlook with Android

Sync Outlook with AndroidWant to know How to Sync Outlook with Android ? You are at the right place, I am gonna explain How to Sync Microsoft Outlook with Android in the best way possible. One of the main problems most Android users request is that it can synchronize with OutlookWhy the little green android is so reluctant to synchronize with Outlook? Since then, we will not find out today, but what we will do is offer solutions. 

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How to Sync Outlook with Android

How to Sync Outlook with Android

Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used task manager in companies, Andoid is the most used operating system in smartphonesYou would think that there is an easy way to sync Outlook tasks with a task manager on Android, but in reality it is not so easy.

Do you use Microsoft Exchange?

Before talking about the timing, you have to know where your Outlook tasks. There are organizations that work with Microsoft Exchange ServerThis server is a solution to centralize data such as email, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes to a server and be able to Sync Outlook with Android. In this case you can use a task manager in Andoid that communicates directly with Exchange.

If you do not work with Exchange Server, Outlook stores data in a local file on your computer. In this case, you’ll need two applications: in addition to task manager on the phone have to install an application on your computer to sync Outlook data to a server in the cloud.

As most Outlook users are not connected to an Exchange server, first I propose two solutions that do not require Exchange, followed by my recommendation for Exchange users and finally a list of alternative options.

1. gSyncit

My favorite solution is gSyncit, Swiss Army Knife synchronization. The $19.95 application is able to pass data from your calendar, contacts, tasks and notes in Outlook with Google servers. Then, in order to access your tasks from your Android device, you can use an application like Astrid To-Do .

Finally, although not related to the topic of this article, you can sync Outlook notes with EvernoteSimplenote or Dropbox.


If you want a free solution, you can take a look at GOATS ( Gassumo Outlook Android Tasks Synchronizer). This solution consists of two applications: an application to sync Outlook with the cloud and the other to access this data from Android.

3. TouchDown

There are various applications to connect to an Exchange server from an Android, but TouchDown is what convinced me. For only $19.95 you get access to email, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes.

Other Solutions to Sync Outlook with Android

There are many other Possibilites other than mentioned above to Sync Outlook with Android

  • Moxier Mail : Another Android client for Exchange. Price: $14.99
  • CompanionLink for Outlook synchronizes the contacts, tasks and calendar with DejaOffice or Google Tasks. Price: $49.95
  • RoadSync : a client for Exchange. Price: $9.99
  • Symtasks : a task manager for Android that comes with a complement to install on the PC. Price: $7.99
  • VCOrganizer : also consists of two applications (PC + Android). Price: From $8.50

What method did you use to Sync Outlook with Android? Explain in comments.

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