How to Password Protect Folders

Password Protect FoldersKnow How to Password Protect Folders Using Free Software’s. Sometimes, we want to protect our confidential information, for whatever reason, very often, not always found the way to do it, because usually there are problems, to which we add a lack of concrete information. In this post, let’s talk about Free software’s to Password Protect Folders.

All programs presented in this list are completely free. Let’s get started

Password Protect Folders

Free Software’s to Password Protect Folders

1. My Lockbox

It is one of my favorite free programs to protect folders with password because I used it on several occasions and never failed me. It supports NTFS, FAT32, running on Windows 7 , Vista, XP, etc.., 32 and 64 bits. It is good for many reasons, including the stability and maturity with facing the fact hide folders, displaying only with your password.

Download | My Lockbox

2. Password Folder

I present another Free Software to Password Protect Folders and it is Password Folder, excellent free program with which we can give absolute protection to your folders in Windows. It is easy to use as is the custom in this company programs, available in Spanish, you can password protect any folder, in such a way that it is inaccessible to individuals who do not want.

Download | Password Folder

3. Free Hide Folder

This is one of the most lightweight of all to Password Protect Folders, designed to give everything to work in teams with low resources, Free Hide Folder is a good proposal and like others, supports Windows 7, Vista, XP etc.. As I see it in English. The program interface is simple and concise, add folders, passwords. That will be all.

Download | Free Hide Folder

4. Kryptelite

Kryptelite may be an encryption program for protecting folders, and not within the parameters of one way or another we took in this post, but used to encrypt folders, serves. This software can hide folders and encrypt them with passwords, is a more advanced level, but in the end the goal is the same. As you can see has a fairly simple interface.

Download | Kryptelite

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I have listed some of the best Programs to Password Protect Folders. If you find and any other program and feel it’s better, let me know through Comments so that i can Update the List 🙂

Best Websites to Watch Movies Online for Free

Who want to watch movies or any TV serials on traditional TV sets? I think those who know about internet will all answer no to the previous question. But it is not too easy to watch movies online and that too for free.

There are lots of websites available on the internet which allows watching movies online but it will be very hectic for you to find the best websites.

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Please have a super speedy internet connection which is very stable so that you’re able to watch movies comfortably and also have an activated and updated antivirus so that no infection can enter into your system.

It happens many times that the things we get for free over the internet are infected with viruses, malwares and Trojans. So keep the antivirus updated.

Also be safe of the advertisements that you may see on these websites. Don’t click them and always look to somehow ignore them and just concentrate on watching movie.

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Best Websites to Watch Movies Online

To make your work easier I’m including here list of best websites to watch movies online for free. Select any website and start watching your favorite movie.

Websites to Watch Movies Online

#1 LetMeWatchThis

#2 MoviesPlanet

#3 Google Videos

#4 YouTube Movies

#5 Joost

#6 Hydronite

#7 Hulu

#8 blinkbox

#9 Solar Movie


#11 Yahoo Video

#12 Babelgum

#13 iMovieTube


#15 Film.Fm

#16 Crackle

#17 Solar Movie

The best part of all these 17 websites is that you don’t need to download movies to watch i.e. you can watch movies online for free without downloading.

But make sure you’ve a good internet connection that provides stable data speed otherwise you’ll not be able to watch movies comfortably.

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I hope you got the movie which you wanted to watch online on the websites listed above. If you have any other website that is good then comment it down here and I’ll include it in the list.

Free Download Facebook for Windows 7/8/XP [Complete]

You must be a very addictive user of Facebook which is the giant social networking website that’s why you’re looking for some way using which you can download Facebook for Windows 7 and start using it directly from your PC desktop.

Facebook has not launched any official application for the desktop users (Windows 7) but still there are lots of other ways to download Facebook for free and that too very comfortably.

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If you only want to use Facebook chat feature directly from your Windows 7 desktop then you can try the official Facebook Messenger (Chat) application which is available for free.

facebook messenger for desktop

You can download the official Facebook Messenger on your Windows 7 desktop or laptop for free from the official CNET download source.

But I think you’re already aware of the Facebook Messenger application and you want to learn about how to download Facebook completely.

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Well, downloading Facebook is not possible (lol) but you can download and install an application which will allow you to use Facebook right from the desktop. That means you don’t need to open Facebook from the web browser.

Download Facebook for Windows 7/8/XP

In order to learn this you need to go through following simple tutorial.

  1. Download software (Facebook Pro) available for free on the official CNET Downloader source.
  2. Follow the screen instructions to download and install the software.
  3. Once this application is installed then it will start up automatically for the first time. You can login with your Facebook credentials (user name and password combination) to start using Facebook right from the desktop in your Windows 7 PC.


You will find everything as it is (same as you’ve seen while accessing Facebook from browser) but it has got a dedicated button at the top using which you can move to the Home of your Facebook.

Speed of browsing was almost same as I was getting in the browser but still not equivalent to the Google Chrome’s speed.
facebookI hope you’re pretty much clear with the tutorial as it was very easy. If you don’t want to use this application or software due to any reason (may be you didn’t find it impressive) then you can try installing Facebook as extension in Google Chrome.

Via extensions, you will receive important notifications, messages and friend request details directly on the Chrome without login into the Facebook. You can check for the Facebook extension in the Chrome web store.

Another way of using Facebook in this way is by using Torch web browser. It comes with integrated Facebook as extension. Torch is very impressive web browser that is based on the Chromium source code (same as of Google Chrome).

10 Free Essential Apps for Android

If you just bought an Android device or just renew your team and know you can not set you to make the most of its different features, here we leave a list of 10 free essential apps for Android that you can be downloaded to your new device matching.

Then the classic Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter, here we leave some suggestions of what you can download to customize and leverage the capabilities of your mobile.

10 Free Essential Apps for Android

Go Launcher EX

This launcher will allow you to give your Android phone the look you want: either with icons, more serious, some pink or even any particular theme or soccer as children. It has many templates and designs to choose from, both as free payments, be sure to try it.

Go Launcher EX

AItype Keyboard

If in the first moments and discover that the keyboard that Android brings your default and you do not like, try AItype, an intelligent keyboard and you can even customize predictive. Here in its free version.

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AItype Keyboard

Rocket Player

The music player is available for almost any version of Android, you can browse a nice interface for all music on your computer, play with good quality thanks to its dynamic EQ and can even be synchronized with iSync.

Rocket Player

MX Video Player

This video player not only supports many formats that do not accept the default Android player. Besides allowing reading subtitles that are not embedded in the video, allowing key lock, multitouch zoom magnification and can resume your video from where you left off even if you exit the application.

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MX Video Player


This free application will allow you to stay informed on the topics that you like. It is highly configurable and you can add your Twitter account and Facebook to share what interests you. It’s a new way of being informed that you will surely love.



If you do not want to miss at any time any of the ideas that come to mind, this app will come in handy because not only can store text notes but also recordings, reminders, photographs and images to not miss anything and also you can host them in the cloud for convenience. Be sure to try it!


Track ID

Excellent program to know who is the artist behind this song maybe just heard. Just turn it on when you play a track and wait for the result.

Track ID

Opera mini

A browser for your mobile phone that brings to replace the default, has good speed, no crashes and lets you control the use of data. Highly recommended.

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Opera mini

Air Droid

Allows you to control your phone wirelessly from your PC to transfer files, write SMS, install applications, view photos and videos, change tones, screen recording, make screenshots and more.



Wallpapers, ringtones, alerts, games and more, all free and just right for the use of your device.


Any more to add to the list? Tell us your opinion!

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Free Online Graphing Calculator – Desmos

Often as teachers deal with the problems that we want to show different graphics features and do calculation,students want to let a guide to make them your own exercises at home.

But sometimes it happens that we do not have software that allows us to perform various operations since they often require a fee or because they simply are somewhat unwieldy.

As an alternative to these payment programs, we have  Desmos A Free Online Graphing Calculator that is advertised as a free application that can be used via the web and allows us to solve different equations and graphically display them, also has a number of parameters that add even more features such as polar or Cartesian graphs show, also allowing to plot multiple functions simultaneously.

Free Online Graphing Calculator

Free Online Graphing Calculator

Free Online Graphing Calculator – Desmos

Desmos Calculator is a very practical tool for advanced math graphs . Its use is free and registration only optional, great use to those skilled in this science professionals and students.There are numerous examples that help assimilate its functioning, as well as a video tutorial and a complete user guide , which you can download in PDF format. It has social buttons to share the graphics on the internet and it also offers us the necessary HTML code to be inserted quickly and easily on our website or blog.

Finally we could say that this type of graphing calculators is ideal for working with students, is free,no need to install, only requires use of a browser, you can have multiple options, is quite intuitive and lightweight as it is a platform that works on a web and therefore compatible with multiple platforms.

To use it you just have to click to this link: Online Graphing Calculator Desmos

Below is a video introduction to the application:

Introducing the Desmos Calculator!

Source : Desmos