The Avengers: The Movie With More Errors Of 2012 (So Far)

Perhaps to the surprise of many with a count of 15, The Avengers (The Avengers), the film produced by Marvel Studios, distributed by Walt Disney Pictures based on the superhero team of Marvel Comics and premiered in the U.S. on May 4, 2012 2D and 3D, the film is more of mistakes of 2012 so far, followed by The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games), with 13. Here are some of the errors identified:

The Avengers

The Avengers: Movie With More Errors Of 2012

1) Error of fact: Namco Bandai is misspelled twice “NAMECO Bandai” in the end credits.

2) Audio problem: When one of the computer operators start playing Galaga, the sound effect you hear is that of an enemy ship trying to capture the player’s ship, but what is shown on the screen is the normal game.

3) Continuity: In several shots where Iron Man is flying around the city, has cuts on his forehead. However, when he is lying on the ground and Thor rips his suit off, cuts on his forehead disappeared.

4) Continuity: Near the end of the scene of the great battle, Captain America is struck by lightning blaster.When Thor helps him stand, there is visible damage to his uniform. In subsequent shots, all traces of damage have disappeared.

5) Continuity: Right after Dr. Banner asks how many spectrometers Nick Fury accesses the Helicarrier,he takes off his jacket and puts it under his arm. In the next shot, his jacket suddenly appears on his arm.

6) Continuity: When the vehicle carrying Captain America & the Agent Coulson the Helicarrier lands in general plane, the wing tips are bent downwards and inwards as if preparing for on-board storage, but in the following Captain America shots where the vehicle is lowered, the tips of the wings are extended in flight position.

7) Continuity: Throughout the film, the ring Tony Stark’s chest can be seen shining through his shirt except for two occasions: after escaping from the Helicarrier and Tony Stark is speaking to Loki on Stark tower.

8) Continuity: When Captain America is hitting the sandbags and Fury first enter, the sac that Captain America is using (not already broke) happens not to have tape around the middle, to have it, and then back.

9) Audio problem: When Bruce Banner meets Natasha Romanoff in Calcutta for the first time, there is a shot from behind where Natasha heard her speak, but his reflection in the small mirror behind Bruce does not.


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