The new Project from the Developers of Google Wave

A mid-2009 the world had Google Wave , ensuring that would be the way in which all web junkies we communicate since then and in the future, as their creators and equipment development of this application felt that they had reinvented the email, which was not the case .

In 2010, Google announced the death of Google Wave, and many of the developers left the company to pursue other projects. One of these is Soundbyte, a personal project of Alex North and Daniel Danilatos which revolutionize the world of P2P between mobile devices.

Developers of Google Wave

Soundbyte is a system that raises the possibility of sharing content and code through sound , using sound waves as a means of transporting data to pass information from one device to another.

Although the project is still under development, we are facing an interesting idea that could stand up to even the Bluetooth NFC (technology companies want to see take off more than anything). Its base responsible explain its operation in a very simple:

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The sound has always been used as a means of communication, starting because it is the way in which we communicate by talking. In the world of technology, it is not something that has not been used in the past, but our idea is to easy way to share content from one phone to another or other device such as a tablet or computer by using sound waves that carry information.

Soundbyte is still under development, but if you want to offer something really that would emphasize faster than Bluetooth (requiring a key recognition) and safer, economical and easier to implement than the NFC, to attract manufacturers.

The former developers for Google’s headquarters just won the Prix OZAPP , recognition given its native country, Australia, innovation by entrepreneurs and academics, in addition to the honors includes a cash prize with which the developers plan to grow their project, and perhaps become one of the most important alternatives for communication between devices in the near future.

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