Top 5 Web Browsers 2013

Surfing the web is a common thing nowadays  That is why we always want to  use the best and fresh stuff. And even among tastes and colors, everyone has a browser preference, here we present a top 5  best browsers according to StatCounter Global Stats page with reference to the last five months of the year (June-November 2012)

Top 5 Web Browsers 2013

Top 5 Web Browsers 2013

This year, 2013 we saw updates in all the listed browsers but still the rankings were unchanged. So check out the list of top 5 web browsers 2013 down here. Hope you’re already familiar with all these browsers.

1 – At the top of this ranking is Google Chrome . This browser, Google product, known for having a high speed performance, constant updates, the possibility of synchronizing accounts, CSS3 and HTML5 support and above all safety. Some call him simple, but something is in the first place, right?

Google Chrome

2 – Secondly, we find surprisingly Internet Explorer . It was the market leader for a long time but, although it has sometimes been displaced by other browsers, still has great advantages. Its latest version (the ten) has brought many improvements over CSS3 and hardware acceleration. In addition, this browser still stands out for being one of the biggest blockers of  malware in the market.

Internet Explorer

3 – Third is where we place Mozilla Firefox . It has an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive interface. Also usually updated frequently and has to offer a wide variety of add-ons that extend its functionality.

Mozilla Firefox

4 – Fourthis Safari , Apple’s browser. It is a browser that gives you great security and have a quick and simple interface for loading HTML and CSSS. However, their market share is small and not many websites are optimized to work with this browser, so you can have navigation problems.


5 – And last we have Opera , which, despite its benefits, has not been very popular among internet users. This web browser has elements like integrated email client, widgets, speed dial screen and even a manager and direct downloads via torrent. However, perhaps due to lack of proper marketing, it is in place.


What do you think? Would you like to add, change or remove any items from our list? Tell us your opinion!

Source: StatCounter

Over to You

Now it depends on you that which browser you want to use. If you’ve upgraded to Windows 8 then I’ll recommend you to use Internet Explorer 10 which comes preloaded with the Windows 8, Its Best! Otherwise live your internet life with the Google Chrome. I hope you enjoyed the list on Top 5 Web Browsers 2013.

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