How to Enable Two Step Verification Feature on Apple ID/Mail

You must have heard about and may be using the two step verification feature on your Google or Yahoo ID. This feature provides an extra layer of security.

Recently I went through news regarding the security bugs which were found with the Apple IDs. That means the Apple IDs were not secured but now Apple has also started the two step verification feature.


Yippi! This was my review when I heard about it and I think it’s for you as well. As now our Apple IDs will be protected with our mobile phone and every time we login then we require the unique code that is sent to our mobile number.

What is Two Step Verification Feature?

Now let me introduce this feature to you so that you‘ve require knowledge about it.

Once you enable two step verification feature on your e-mail ID then every time when you login with your credentials then the service provider sends a unique password combination to your registered mobile number.

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Enable Two Step Verification Feature

Now to get access to your profile, you need to enter that unique code. If you don’t enter that code then you can’t access your profile.

As your mobile number is always with you and you keep everything secured there so no one can get into your e-mail profile without having access to your mobile phone.

In case you lost your phone then you can use the backup codes to login or try password recovery or reset options.

So it’s an authentication process in which your mobile number is involved to provide you better security.

Enable Two Step Verification Apple Mail/ID

To enable this authentication feature on your Apple ID or Mail then go through the following simple steps,

Enable Two Step Verification Apple Mail

  • Now click on “Manage your Apple ID” button over there.
  • Now select the “Password and Security” option over there.
  • Now you’ll find the Two-Step Verification option there. Select that and follow the screen instructions.
  • Now you need to enter your mobile number and then a code will be sent. Enter that code back and the feature will get started.

That’s it! This is how you can enable the 2-step verification feature on your Apple ID.

Right now this feature requires at least 3 days to start as Apple will check on all the things and confirm that this feature has been enabled by you only (just to keep your ID further secured).

Other Recommendations

  • I’ll recommend you to first create a password combination with special character, number and alphabet.
  • While enabling the two step verification feature it will be good if you change your password combination.
  • Keep your mobile phone always with you (don’t give to your friends) and add a security feature to the SMS/Text so that no one can get to the text coming to your mobile.

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