Ubuntu Phone OS for Galaxy Nexus & Nexus 4 on February 21

Canonical , the makers of the distribution of Linux more popular in the world, today announced that the trial version of Ubuntu Phone OS for Nexus Phone 4 and the Galaxy Nexus will be available from Proxim on February 21 , for anyone who is interested in public beta test, with the only condition of extreme caution because it is not a final or ideal for everyday use , but aimed at the developer community.

Ubuntu Phone OS

Ubuntu Phone OS for Galaxy Nexus & Nexus 4

It is very interesting that those responsible for publishing the beta of Ubuntu, Ubuntu OS for Nexus Phone 4, when initially announcing this operating system only mentioned that the Galaxy Nexus .

Another important detail is that the announcement was made ​​just a few days to the start of the MWC 2013 in Barcelona, ​​so it certainly can be sure that Canonical will be present at this great event showing its progress in its Mobile operating system itself through these terminals.

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We must remember that this platform is designed for the development of native applications in HTML5, so the launch of this trial version is only a small incentive to developers in order to install the platform at its terminals, given a proven, of course interest in developing taken therein.

The look of Ubuntu Phone OS seems great although unintuitive for users just starting in these technologies, by the fact of having several gestures to access the basic functions of a smartphone. It is assumed that by the end of this year we’ll see terminals with this operating system on the market, but so far no confirmed model or manufacturer.

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If you are a curious of those who enjoy endless installing ROMs on your phone, and you have one of these models, you can download Ubuntu OS for Nexus Phone 4 or Galaxy Nexus from the official website as of February 21 , but much beware that the procedure is not as simple as installing a cooked ROM (CyanogenMod, MIUI, etc.), so we recommend doing a lot of preparation or avoid if you do not have enough experience in this field.

Developers can download the SDK from that day to begin creating apps for this platform.

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