Ubuntu Phone OS is now Official

Canonical has announced Ubuntu Phone OS as a complete surprise, its new commitment to venture fully into the world of mobile phones, an operating system for smartphones that wants to compete with Firefox OS, and WebOS Open course so popular with Android as we refer to other free software based platform, although it is not known how applicable the word “free” in the new product of Canonical.

Ubuntu Phone OS is now Official

Ubuntu Phone OS

Ubuntu Phone OS is based on the source code or Android kernel, but with the great, or rather huge difference, not to use the Java engine (Dalvik), so its leaders promise to ” harness the full potential of a smartphone” undoubtedly winking to comments that Android handsets have excess hardware that is not really fully utilized.

Canonical promise that the first devices with Ubuntu Phone OS will be available before the first half of 2014, for which they are already in talks with manufacturers who currently have experience with Android smartphones.

One of the most interesting places on the announcement of this new operating system is Ubuntu Phone OS will run on processors with ARM and x86 architectures . This will open the door to many models of any kind, including terminals with Intel and clear, give rise to the developer community for fun carrying the operating system to any existing model.

In fact, although the first devices with this OS are expected to arrive next year, Canonical ensures that within several weeks developers will releas a development version that will be available to install on the Galaxy Nexus .

On the interface we find countless dedicated touch gestures to access the most common applications, contacts and more, depending on the user settings. Moreover, we find the notification bar at the same style as that of Android, but this is the intelligent search bar located , allowing the user to not only search the web but also in the terminal to search any files, images or term, the same style as the search bar of Ubuntu desktop. Furthermore, the fact that applications are developed in HTML5 promises a huge variety.

Ubuntu Phone OS

A curious case is that native applications will only work when the terminal is connected to a dock and this is to an external monitor or screen, which means that mobile Ubuntu fulfill the same function of Ubuntu for Android, offering a hybrid between smartphone and PC portable. A pretty risky bet.

Another good news related to being based on the Android kernel is that you can run the cooked ROMs for the operating system , so we are not surprised to see versions of CyanogenMod Phone smartphone OS Ubuntu , since this is the ROM more popular among users.

And that Canonical has already given us clues to their interest in entering fully into the world of smartphones, because in February of 2012 had a Ubuntu for Android , a version of the desktop operating system that allowed users to connect their android terminal a monitor and run a sort of full-fledged computer using the full potential of these phones that have quad-core processors and gigabytes of RAM.However, Ubuntu for Android is not yet available but promised to be released in the second quarter of this year.

Now we have to wait for two major releases related to this operating system, Ubuntu for Android and Ubuntu Phone OS, which together with the interface Unity (and is criticized by many) shows us the path that Canonical wants to take their platforms, focused on all kinds of touch panels .

Further information on the website of  Ubuntu for Phones .

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