How to Update Android Phone OS (Part 2)

Update your Android Phone
Continuing the theme of the Update for Android Phones, as I mentioned in the previous articles, you can install an Update your Android Phone Officially or Unofficially. To learn How to Update your Android device with an official Update, Click Here . Instead if you prefer to know How to Update with “Non Traditional” Methods, then i present you the following ways.

To install an Update, also called ROM, Unofficial on our device, it is necessary first to have root access to the device, that is, permission to modify system files as we would call it in Windows. The way to get root access varies from one phone model to another, so it is necessary to find some that is appropriate to our specific phone model. Rooting your phone may include some risk so it is necessary to follow the instructions exactly while doing it.

How to Update Android Phone OS (Part 2)

How to Update your Android Phone

If you do not want to wait for the official update for your device, after rooting your respective device, you can install an unofficial ROM using recovery or, if you own a Samsung device, use ODIN to install the ROM.

How to Install Unofficial ROM using Recovery Mode

Before this installation, we recommend changing the recovery (ROM Manager is a good application to do so) and make a backup of the system and files. The following is required to download the ROM and there for everyone, depending on how you look better, look, flow, functionality, etc.. A common example of unofficial ROMs (also called cooked) CyanogenMod, being available on multiple devices and MIUI or KANG.


How “easy” to do this work is to access the recovery mode (you might check the combination of keys for entering this mode on your device). You must have downloaded the ROM on the SD card and your ZIP mode mobile. In recovery mode, select the option “Install zip from sdcard” and when they finish the updates installed, choose the option to “Reboot System Now”. The device can take up to 15 minutes on again, so patience is necessary.

Install ROM using ODIN Unofficial (Samsung only)

To install via ODIN, you need to have updated Phone Drivers. Once done, we can proceed to download and install ODIN and download the corresponding ROM, making sure that this model is consistent with our device, since ODIN, unlike KIES will not be satisfied if adequate and could harm your Mobile.


The next thing is to start the phone in download mode, so you need to check the key combination that allow access to this mode in your device. Once done, connect your device to the PC, where it is already started and this will be recognized by ODIN, allowing us to install the ROM that you downloaded. By clicking on the button pda  in ODIN main screen and select the tar file containing the ROM you want to download. Make sure that the options repartition, delete partition efs  and update partition  boot  are unchecked before clicking Start.

Once the process starts you can not stop, as the device may become unusable. ODIN screen will show the progress bar of the installation until the device is finally ready for use.

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However, as the procedure for each phone ROMs can have differences, we suggest searching the web, specifically how to do it with your phone to avoid making mistakes as a general process that explained above. Good Luck! 🙂

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