How to Upgrade Video Card of Any PC [Best Tips]

The requirement of upgrading the video card comes when you start playing new games on your PC. These days, game developers are crossing their limits and developing new levels of graphics and these games require video cards to be installed on the PC or laptop in order to run that game successfully.

If you’re also a hard core gamer and willing to play new games which has got requirement of video card then you must be looking to upgrade video card of your Windows PC.

Why to Upgrade Video Card?

Earlier, the traditional processor and all its supporting elements were very much capable of providing good quality of video or graphics performance but these days as graphics quality are increasing so demand of upgrading vide card is also increasing.

Why to Upgrade Video Card

Now in order to enjoy playing all the latest games on your PC you need to upgrade video card and if it is not there then you need to plant a new video card there in the CPU ecosystem.

Now, Question is HOW to Upgrade?

This must be question in your mind due to which you’re reading this stuff here and I’ll provide you with the right breakfast.

Just read through the following points to get the answer to this question which is coming in between you and high quality video (PC) games.

Note Down PC Specs/Configuration

First thing you need to do is note down the specification of your PC. You can check the cover box of your PC in which it arrived to your home well packed.

System Properties

If you lost the cover box then go to the My Computer and click on System Properties option at the top. All required PC specs/configuration will be there in front of you, now note them.

Move to Nearest PC Shop

Next thing you need to do is go to a nearest shop which provides PC assembling services and all the parts. Make sure you’re at the genuine shop.

You must be thinking of buying video card online but I’ll not recommend you to upgrade video card online because of a reason. If you buy online then how can you know whether that video card is compatible with your PC or not?

I think you got the answer why you need to go to the shop manually rather than making it online virtually.

Check Available Video Cards (Compatible)

Now start checking all the available video cards that are compatible with the configuration of your PC. When you pick any video card then look at its requirement which must be printed at the back of its cover.


Now if that video card is compatible with your PC then select that one. Look for two or more compatible video cards.

While selecting the video cards also check their power requirements and make sure your CPU is having enough power requirements for that video card.

Storage or Size

Next thing to consider while doing upgrade video card is the storage or size of the video card. Video cards also have storage mentioned in the Gigabyte or Megabyte standards.

It depends on you how large or small storage you want to have in the video card. I’ll recommend you to go for the video card having at least 512MB storage. If your budget allows then go for the 1GB one.

More the size of the video card, better will be the graphics of the game. If you’ve listed any new game due to which you’re upgrading the video card then purchase the one whose storage matches the game’s requirement.

Doing the Upgrade

Now once you’ve done with the selection process then it’s time to complete the upgrade process.

If you’ve knowledge about assembling of PC components then you can put the video card in the mentioned slot there on the mother board and if you don’t have any such knowledge then ask the shopkeeper to do that.

Upgrade Video Card

As you’ve purchased the video card from that shop so ask the shopkeeper to assemble the video card for free.

That’s it! Take your CPU back to home and start playing the particular games due to which you’ve spent money in video card upgrade. You’ll find better graphics performance then earlier and watching high definition videos or movies will also be great experience.

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