US approved the use of the First Bionic Eye

The FDA , the agency of  Health and Human Services of the United States , approved officially Argus II retinal prosthesis today, the first bionic eye that will be implemented in the treatment of adult patients with advanced problems in sight.

First Bionic Eye

US approved the use of the First Bionic Eye

The device, which includes a small video camera, processing unit, glasses and transmitter in an artificial retina, replace the function of degenerated cells in the membrane of the eye in order to improve the ability of patients to perceive when moving images. The processing unit transforms the images captured by the video camera into electronic data that is transmitted wirelessly to the prosthetic retina.

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The main objective of this bionic eye is to solve the problems of patients suffering from retinitis pigmentosa , a rare genetic disorder which damages the light-sensitive cells of the retina. In a healthy eye, these cells convert light rays into electrical impulses that are sent directly to the brain via the optic nerve. The sight of the people suffering from this disease will slowly degenerate resulting in gradual loss of vision and even in many cases complete blindness .

The system Argus II is designed for use in patients aged 25 years of age who are willing and able to receive clinical follow very strictly. While it is true that this system does not completely restore the vision of patients, if you can make these detect the light and darkness of the environment and help them identify the location or movement of targets.

After conducting a clinical trial with more than 30 participants who received the new bionic eye generating a high degree of success in their tests, the U.S. FDA approved the use of legal form of this system to the public after they realize the benefits outweighing the risks of the disease.

In addition, three organizations of the U.S. government wanted to support this project with a total funds of 100 million dollars that will be well used by insurance companies. These investigations are aimed at improving the lives of people.

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