What you should know before start Blogging

“Nothing is worse than starting a project with false expectations”. These are the things you should know before start blogging

Before Start Blogging

What you should know before start Blogging

1. During  the first year, you will be very lonely: A new blog may not be visited in the beginning. Your posts have very few readers for long. Although initially if you do not get traffic, you can always take advantage of them if you create content with no expiration date .

2. You will not be able to live it : there is no exact figure but I would say that in India, we probably have between 100-500 people who can live well from blogging. Earning money with a blog being beginner ‘s complicated. Few succeed because they underestimate the effort required.

3. The SEO does not Generate new Readers : Sooner or later you will read in some forums or blogs that to succeed you have to do SEO. Positioning your website for search engine does not get you new readers, which are providing visitors.

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4. You have to Post 2 or 3 times a Week: Having a blog is working. Not worth publishing a post every two months. If you rush, do it right or leave it. No proof is impossible in publishing your audience loyalty. In this blog entries are posted almost every day or atleast 3-4 posts a week.

5. 70% of the blogs risk & being sued: Basic things such as a disclaimer  lacks on most blogs . It is true that until there is a related business purpose is not necessary. Please note that advertising on the blog already meets the above criteria. Sometime maybe advertiser pay you money and it is related to your blogging activity. Do not run the risk of paying a fine for failing to include a disclaimer .

6. Posting Good Content is not enough: There is a lot of talent in the blogosphere. Few of these bloggers get the attention they deserve seen that do not take into account some key factors such as the fact that blogs are no longer read, but are scanned or not do a lot of blog posts . Also promoting a blog is at least as important as the content. You have to do both things well to succeed.

Nobody said that success with a blog is easy.

What are your points to consider before you start blogging?

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