Why an Apple iPad Mini ?

Why an Apple iPad Mini ?

This is kind of a big question. And it is absurd to argue that if once one said this or that . If no possibility of business, who cares what was said?

Now I’m trying to say the plus point of  the new iPad Mini , I think there are a couple of key points that give sharpness to the picture of the iPad Mini in the market.

Money is not a problem for Apple:

Personally, the presentation of the iPad Mini not think it was a matter of offering a cheaper tablet that its latest iPad and compete face to face with Android tablets quality and low price. In fact there has been, as you can see in the table below:

In Apple, and sales have fallen or seem to go wrong with your bet. Look if not the iPhone 5 , with a price that seems exorbitant in its more complete model and yet has broken sales records for Apple.
Forget for the price factor as a reason to put on the tables of their stores an iPad Mini, although we must not forget that the “Mini” in size and in price can affect purchasing decisions by consumers . But should not be mistaken for the use and enjoyment of a tablet format of 10 or 7 inches is quite unique and different.

Positioned in a format for the content key:

Here I would bet more for a reason strategy to a format that is working: The tablet as a pure content consumption , both mobility and especially at home.
Apple has always boasted of its iPad device is both a consumption and creation. And it’s true because on one hand the number of great accessories that have been created as well thought of so many of their native applications.

Google Nexus
But for the first option (games, browsing, reading …), the format 7-inch tablet is much more appropriate, and that Android has beaten first – and well – with two best-sellers: Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 .
Moreover, these proposals come from two companies that are not about anyone. Amazon part of the sale of content for growth in the consumer electronics market, while Google is in that way.
Like Apple, except in the case of the Cupertino, their hardware section can function smoothly.

Games: the winners

If magazines, e-books and web content will appreciate much the proliferation of 7-inch tablets that can be managed at home with one hand, the games will be the real winners . The 10-inch tablet has proven to be an important element in this section, but teams like the iPad Mini if you can become a problem for the handheld in the medium term.

apple ipad mini

The iPad mini is showing particularly well suited for this task because of its light weight, screen format and especially its extensive catalog of games. Do you understand now why an Apple  iPad Mini?

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