Why and How Blu-ray replacing the DVDs

Blu-ray discs care becoming quite popular now and several devices are available in the market offering Blu-ray playback in order to enjoy superb picture quality as well as clear sound. As you can see, all of major films have their own Blu-ray releases, which are quite popular among costumers because they can get a superb movie viewing experience with the help of a bigger TV or PlayStation.


However, the technology is not that much new, Blu-ray has a unique importance when comparing with the usual sets of DVDs. This kind of disc is now about to dominate the field by depressing the usual DVDs, offering less quality media and features. There are several features that attract people to Blu-ray devices even though they are a bit expensive than usual ones. We will also discuss that is going with Blu-ray is such a great decision.


Blu-ray is getting famous among viewers because the technology is quite special when compared to the usual DVD release from the media owners. Actually, Blu-ray is an extended version of your normal DVD but gets stuffed thick with a bunch of impressive features. This specialty sometimes attracts people to such DVDs by neglecting the normal ones.

Quality Matters

When it comes to watching a movie, you will need the epitome of quality, which is hardly connected to the movie viewing experience itself. For those who want the maximum picture and sound quality, Blu-ray is your better choice. This enhanced quality is also an attracting feature of Blu-ray. We have to mention that the quality will be extended when you are using devices such as Sony Playstation.

Blu-ray Players

Many Blu-ray Players are there in our market offering a good viewing experience when compared to your usual DVD Player. It does not mean that DVDs are now out of place as most of these devices also support usual DVDs in it. If you still lack a Blu-ray player or PlayStation with you, it is better to buy one with support for both Blu-ray Discs and usual DVDs. Even though you may not be able to get whole Blu-ray titles nowadays, buying such a device will surely help you when the world is with Blu-ray releases rather than usual DVDs.

Going Blu-ray? Some Warnings

Not Budget Friendly

As you can see, Blu-ray releases are quite expensive than the usual DVDs and you will have to pay a high amount to get the so-called picture quality in Blu-ray players. If you are such a budget friendly human being to rent movies from Netflix and watch them, you might not want to get a Blu-ray player because it will stay as an exhibition object unless you pay high for discs.

Not Essential, at least now!

Whatever we have mentioned in the first part of post does not mean that shifting to Blu-ray is vital for your media viewing experience. As you can guess, these cloud based services may be able to bring high quality media to your screens by means of high speed internet connection from Google or something and you should think twice before purchasing a Blu-ray Player. Who knows whether these DVDs (Blu-rays as well) will exist after 1 or 2 years of cloud computing era. In addition, buying a Blu-ray Player and Blu-ray discs is not that much essential, indeed.


We have listed why Blu-ray devices and discs have become much popular as well as why should not compel yourself to shift to Blu-ray era. Wait sometime, we would prefer. However, if you want an awesome sound and picture quality from now onwards, you can shift to Blu-ray right now.

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