ZTE V98 Windows 8 Tablet Review

ZTE V98 is a new tablet with a lot of promising specifications. ZTE V98 runs Windows 8 pro and the speed of the tablet is pretty cool. There is no lag and overall it looks pretty good as well. There is a sleek look to the tablet so I gotta say its pretty attractive. The metal back and the hot chrome finish makes this tablet a lot cooler.

This tablet is remarkably thin, measuring less than 9.5 mm. The buttons on the tablet are good and firm and the finish on the buttons are good too, there is a standard headphone jack and volume buttons. The camera is also nice and there is a strong processor inside.

ZTE V98 Windows 8 Tablet

ZTE V98 Windows 8 Tablet Review

This is a neat 10.1 inch tablet and its really an ideal size for a tablet. The images and videos we’ve watched on this is pretty crisp. It would fit into your file or you can easily hold it and would be perfect for a person who travels a lot.

There is a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. We watched a couple of good quality videos and we’ve got positive results. There is a pixel density of 155ppi, which is quite a let down for this impressive device.

There is a decent capacitive touchscreen and also features a light sensor. We took the time to play around with it and there is nothing wrong with the touchscreen and everything seems to work out like we wanted.

This tablet also offers a battery capacity of 7000 mAh. The battery is something else which stands out from its competitors. It also features an Intel Atom Z2760 system chip. The dual core processor is something which stands out and the processing has been made easy through this. It’s amazing how fast the processor is, no lag at all.

2 GB RAM has been made available on this device and also supports Micro SD cards to add more memory to the device. 32 GB memory could be expanded up to 96 GB, which is something awesome.

There is an 8 Megapixel camera with LED and auto focus for better photographs. This high resolution camera also supports camcorder. The tablet also features a 2 Megapixel secondary, front facing camera.

This tablet also supports 4.0 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to keep you connected at all times. There is also a USB Host. The 4G support is something else which makes this device better for a person on the go by giving fast mobile data. It also supports GPS. There is also LTE and GSM support, which makes it a better overall device.

Some of the extra features include an Accelerometer, Gyroscope and also a nice Compass.

One of the major cons of this ZTE V98 tablet device is that you get to have just 180 PPI which is a very low pixel density when compared to the several other android tablets and this would make the graphics output not so good.

So Overall, it’s like an iPad, and it might give a bit of competition for apple with this efficient tablet and the price will be lower than the iPad.

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